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Thank you for visiting my work. I hope you enjoy what I create. ​

As a visual artist I mainly focus on making portraits and scenes, but the road to still lifes and landscapes is open. In more or less realism, abstract, black and white or color, the goal remains the same; displaying my own interpretation of the people and environment that I observe.


I like the rough structure of canvas, the fine fiber of paper and the search for different possibilities, working with various materials and thus achieving a variety of results.


My love for classical music exists in everything I create. With everything I am and will be. I cannot explain what this music means to me, other than a life without classical music would unimaginable, in a creative and every other way.


Not only do I paint and draw, I also write. For now I have mainly focused on poetry and non fiction. 


The beauty of the future is that anything is possible. Who knows, we may meet again. Somewhere. Just like that. Consciously, sought after or by chance. With art as a binding factor, life as the center and development in growth as a beacon on the horizon.

jan van luyn.  



my story.

I grew up in a traditional family and safe environment. The Drenthe landscape gave character to my early childhood and a future in healthcare seemed to be waiting for me.

However, in the early 1990s a chronic disease emerged, a rare variant with an even rarer severity. Cross out plans. Survival ensued.

This disease continued to proliferate for seventeen years, fourteen years of which I was dependent on a wheelchair, bed and specially designed chair. For ten years I saw little of the outdoors. Docters had to give up.

And then? Then came the unexpected, because the approaching end turned out to be a new beginning. Not just like that. Well fought for. Not average, but just as natural as my urge for life was and is.


Recovery took many years, persevering, fighting, suffering, again and again. But I taught myself to walk again and became healthier. Little by little. With classical music as my bloodstream.

Only in that period did I discover a talent for painting and writing and making art became my lifeline.

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